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Who Is On Your Side- Advocates Or The Insurance Company?

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta are very common, and you may not be able to avoid them always. However, it is better if you are careful about your whereabouts when on the road. It is not always that your intentions are bad or that you are reckless on the streets; hence you may not want to hurt someone consciously. But things are not always perfect. On the other hand, you can experience a sudden mishap despite following traffic rules.

However, there are some ways or precautionary measures that you can follow if you want to avoid an accident:

  • Please take time to reach a venue, especially if you are driving a vehicle. If you have to reach a place at ten, make sure you keep at least an hour in hand and leave your home accordingly. If you leave late and are in a hurry, you will rush on the streets. This can bring upon great calamity to you and fellow passengers. 
  • Please do not forget to follow traffic rules whether you are driving or walking. Wait for the signal to go green before you start your car. Similarly, stop immediately when you see the red light. If you are crossing a busy road at night, wait for the signal and check the street once before crossing. At night wear dark colored clothes so that you are visible from afar. 
  • If your driver is taking charge of the wheels, ensure to give timely advice and instructions. It often happens that passengers give sudden instructions about taking a turn, which confuses the driver causing an accident. When you are on the streets, it is not just your safety that you should worry about, but think about the well-being of others as well.

Whom Should You Trust More- Lawyers or the Insurance Company?

If you are looking for compensation and help, you have to seek advice from an expert lawyer. The primary agenda of any insurance company is to secure the premium and pay out much less. Hence, you may inform your insurance company about the accident but do not share too many details with them or give a verdict about who is responsible.

The better way is to seek legal advice from your lawyer, who can help you determine the compensation that you deserve. Not just the tangible damage that an insurance company is liable to pay, but your emotional loss, suffering, lost wages, and other financial claims also need compensation. Hence, calculating your losses, framing a case, and ensuring that you get proper payment is the duty of a lawyer.

Only a legal advisor can help you through a case and successfully deal with the opposition. As a common person, you may not understand many aspects of the system, but you can be sure of the proceedings if you have a lawyer by your side. Moreover, a lawyer can attend meetings and draft cases that an insurance company can never do.