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How Alexandra Lozano Became a Respected Lawyer

Success as an immigration lawyer takes years of hard work and dedication. Even when things look bleak, successful ones help clients achieve the life they want to live.

How did Alexandra Lozano build her firm up as one of the top choices for immigrants looking to stay in the United States legally? With more than a decade in practice, Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law has respect in the industry for finding results in various unique situations.

Early Life and Family

Alexandra Lozano has always had a connection with immigrants in the United States. Her grandparents immigrated from Italy and the Czech Republic, with her grandmother receiving asylum in the United States. Life coming over to the United States for them had its challenges, and Lozano understands that she would not be where she is today without their persistence.

Her husband also has a connection to immigration. He is originally from Mexico and helps run Abogada Alexandra law. Because he’s a native of Mexico, all of their children are first-generation Americans on his side.

Lozano spent her undergraduate years at the University of South Florida and then attended Seattle University School of Law. After graduating in 2008, she started working in immigration law before founding Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law in 2012.

Simplifying Complex Issues

For the average client, immigration law can seem like a very confusing process in general. Lozano realized that struggle early on in her career. Since launching her firm, Abogada Alexandra’s focus has been on simplifying complex issues and keeping clients in the United States instead of being deported. Her firm can handle the entire process without ever leaving the United States in many cases.

VAWA I-360

The Violence Against Women Act allows victims of a spouse of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident or parent of a child who is 21 or older abused in the United States to apply for a green card. It is a complex issue and a tool that many undocumented people are unaware of. Lozano explains everything, takes care of the details, and works quickly to apply for legalization.

T Visas

Another area where Lozano has helped many clients is using the T Visa. This Visa is used when someone is a victim of human trafficking. Victims have the right to immigrate to the United States under certain circumstances, and the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm will look at each client's case to see what can be done. Speeding up this process is ideal for the client since they are dealing with such a sensitive part of their life.

Deportation and Criminal Convictions

Complex cases are sometimes not accepted by law firms. Many don’t have the time or the resources to tackle issues such as deportation or criminal convictions. For Lozano, her team looks at all of these issues as a new challenge to make an impact.

Every path to success is explored using creative solutions and zealous legal strategies. While some clients may have lost some level of hope in their situation, Abogada Alexandra makes every effort to make life-changing moves for them.

This dedication has helped build her reputation as one of the best in the United States at handling seemingly hopeless situations. These complex cases usually carry a unique sense of pride for her and her team.

Embracing Social Media

The rise of social media has allowed Abogada Alexandra to grow her impact as an immigration lawyer. While there are a lot of fun and games found on social media, Lozano saw this as a business opportunity to grow and build respect in the industry.

People worldwide check in on the major social media platforms to see what’s going on. Abogada Alexandra has created content for the Latino community, building relationships through videos one post at a time.

In particular, TikTok has been an excellent opportunity for Lozano to grow her audience. The reason why she has had success comes down to being informative and helpful in every post. It’s also seemingly effortless to contact Alexandra Lozano’s office through TikTok for anyone wanting more information.

This unique outreach didn’t seem possible even a few years ago for a law firm. Abogada Alexandra’s strategies have helped many find immigration lawyers and what they can do to serve their clients. It’s a perfect example of social media being used for quality and educational purposes. Those eligible for certain visas might not have a clue until they see her videos.

Results That Matter

Ultimately, any law firm can promise the world, but if they can’t get results for the clients, it’s not going to matter. Abogada Alexandra Lozano has built respect steadily through the years with each client’s positive result.

Abogada Alexandra has worked directly with the Latino community since launching her firm. She understands how sensitive some topics can be for her clients, but her legal strategies can be the necessary change to live a better life in the end. It’s a results-driven industry, and she’s one of the best at getting them.

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