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How to Prepare for Your Harassment Lawsuit Deposition

The deposition is one of the more critical parts of your harassment lawsuit, and it is vital that you are prepared. The employment attorneys at Hall & Lampros, LLP have successfully represented numerous plaintiffs in employment law cases, and they will help you get ready for this crucial proceeding.

There are things that you can do ahead of time to get ready for your deposition. You should never show up unprepared because opposing counsel will exploit any weakness they see. Your deposition can literally make or break your harassment claim.

Call the employment attorneys at Hall & Lampros to help you fight back when you have been the victim of illegal treatment at your job. Federal and Georgia law may entitle you to significant financial compensation when your employer has broken the law. We take the time to listen and formulate an effective legal strategy for your case.

Depositions Are Crucial, But Never Easy

If your harassment lawsuit continues to proceed toward trial, you would need to sit for a deposition at some point. A deposition can be a very difficult experience because you will need to answer questions under oath from your employer’s lawyer for an extended period of time. Your lawyer will be there to defend you, but your deposition will likely be stressful and possibly tense. Preparation is the key, so you can give effective testimony. Here are some tips for preparing for a deposition in a harassment lawsuit:

Work with Your Lawyer

Your employment lawyer will be in the room with you during the deposition. They will defend you when it is necessary, objecting to improper questions. However, you should be working with your lawyer before the date of the deposition, so you can know what to expect. Chances are that this is the first time that you have sat for a deposition. You may have no idea what happens at a deposition, or what you need to do when being questioned. Your employment lawyer will explain things to you in depth, so you can begin to prepare.

Your attorney may advise you of many of the questions that you can expect to face. They may even help you practice responding to the questions, even though the substantive answers will be your version of the facts.

Review the Facts Beforehand

It is important to remember that what you say at a deposition can be used when your case proceeds to trial. You must have a strong command of the facts. Only answer what you know, and do not speculate about anything. You should review the facts of your case many times, to the point where they become secondhand nature to you. It is different to have a recollection and to be able to answer under sustained questioning from a hostile attorney.

Practice Answering Questions and Speaking

You never know how you will respond to actual questioning until you face it. You can give yourself an edge by practicing speaking on your own. If you can remain confident under questioning, it will send a strong message to opposing counsel. Try practicing in front of a mirror, and even recording how you sound, so you can understand how you may be perceived by someone sitting across the table from you.

Prepare Yourself for Difficult Questions

Opposing counsel is not going to make it easy for you in a deposition. After testifying on the witness stand, a deposition is going to be the most difficult part of your case. You can expect to answer many questions on uncomfortable topics. The attorney may even try to venture into other areas of your life. You should be prepared to face pressure from opposing counsel, who may pose numerous pointed questions to you. Maintaining your composure is crucial, so you must prepare ahead of time for what you may face.

Dress Professionally

Even though the transcript from the deposition will be the lasting product, you should dress to make an impression. This may be the first time that opposing counsel sees you in person. They are likely sizing you up and making judgments of what kind of witness you may make at trial. The more persuasive you look and sound, the more opposing counsel may realize that you would be a formidable witness, and the case must be settled.

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