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Must know rules regarding public accidents before starting a business

Even if you are performing perfectly in your business, you can suddenly find yourself in trouble if you hinder your responsibilities about the visitors’ wellbeing. If you can’t provide a safe environment as the owner of the business place, the job you do, your skills and the commitment to your work are worthless. Starting a business is a sensitive matter. Both for your finances, and for the management-wise. You are liable for your business and the business is liable for the visitors’ wellbeing. This is what the personal injury laws state.

Businesses are responsible for every aspect of the consumer-provider journey

Regardless of what sector you are performing in, your visitors and customers should be equally treated as your workers and employees. This means, the wellbeing of all in the business place should be safe and ensured. For specific sectors, fulfilling these duties and meeting the obligatory safety requirements can be more difficult. As an example, the duty of care can be fulfilled simply by taking preventive measures for water leakages, falling objects, slippery floors and possible electrical failures. On the other hand, if you are in the food sector, there can be many other additional risk factors due to many reasons. Firstly, a restaurant is likely to be more crowded than a car dealer. Second, additional risks posed by contaminated food, coronavirus disease and external causes –such as other customers contacting with objects that they shouldn’t- can be harder to control. Nevertheless, these duties shouldn’t be neglected. The duty of care should be fulfilled at all costs. Failing to do so means facing a compensation claim if the visitor sustains any loss.

From the victim’s perspective, these small omissions can lead to long and painful conclusions. An unignorable number of accidents end up with hospitalisations, permanent injuries and even a fatality. As the post-accident medical condition of the victim can decrease one’s quality of living, the personal injury laws demand from the liable party to cover the loss of the victim. There is one critical point in personal injury claims that the majority of the defendants fail to understand. These accidents occur from foreseeable causes. Even if the business did not intend to neglect their responsibilities, the loss of the victim can still be caused by them. An example of this is the slip, trip and fall accidents. Failing to take action timely is also the negligence of business. There is a good example to give to demonstrate this situation. There are tiny brooms under the sliding automatic doors that we encounter in shopping centres, banks and other commercial places. The purpose of these brooms is to wipe the wet floor as much as possible as visitors of these places can accidentally bring rainwater into the store on a rainy day.

Usage of contaminated products are more common than it can be thought

Committing such action is directly considered negligence and the business can be penalised for this action. Considering the damages of contaminated consumer goods such as meat, milk and greens, the victim can suffer major infections that may negatively affect the victim’s life. On the other hand, the conclusions for the business can be really tough.

Food poisoning isn’t something that can be underestimated. While the chances of sustaining the illness in worse conditions are greater for elderly people, everyone can be infected, and the damages can be permanent. Preventing these situations is a good reason to work with great gastronomy skills. Acute food poisoning can prohibit the victim to work and earn. This means, the income loss and the medical expenses of the victim are to be recovered from the business as well as the lump sum payment if the health condition of the victim is serious.