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Benefits of Having a Truck Accident Lawyer

Traffic accidents are dangerous – and often terrifying – but truck accidents put a much finer point on the matter. To make matters extra difficult, truck accident claims are exceptionally complicated. If you have been injured by a truck driver’s negligence, the benefits of having an experienced NYC truck accident lawyer on your side are nearly immeasurable.

Assessing Your Damages

At the heart of your truck accident case are the losses you’ve incurred, which will be addressed as damages in your claim. In order to provide yourself with the opportunity to fully heal from the injuries you’ve sustained, you’ll need to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled, and your dedicated truck accident attorney is well-positioned to help you do just that. Such damages can include:

  • Your medical expenses, which are likely to be extensive
  • Your lost earnings, which can extend to a loss of earning potential
  • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering, which can easily rival your other damages

A knowledgeable truck accident lawyer will help ensure that all of your damages are included in your truck accident claim.

The Insurance Company

Your claim will proceed through the trucking company’s insurance provider, and as such, there are a few things that it is important for you to know, including:

  • The insurance company is a for-profit enterprise that is committed to maximizing those profits.
  • The insurance company is not on your side and will do what it can to reduce the compensation you receive.
  • The insurance company has many methods at its disposal for keeping your settlement as low as possible.

While you tend to the daunting task of recovering from your injuries, your experienced truck accident lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of a beneficial settlement.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

The primary benefit of having an established truck accident attorney on your side is that he or she will skillfully negotiate with the insurance company for you. The insurance representative assigned to your claim is adept at handling claimants like you to the insurance company’s advantage – by eliciting unintentionally damaging statements, by pushing vulnerable claimants to accept paltry settlements early on (out of desperation), and by causing exhausted claimants to ultimately give up in frustration (to name but a few). With a truck accident attorney by your side, you won't need to concern yourself with these less-than-savory practices. Finally, if the insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith, your truck accident attorney will be well-positioned to move forward toward trial.

Call an Experienced NYC Truck Accident Lawyer Today

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