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What Are The Pros and Cons of Government Surveillance?

Most people have an anti attitude in respect to government surveillance. Ever since Obama became president, government surveillance on the Internet skyrocketed. Government surveillance statistics: in 2015 over 30% of adult Americans were concerned about government surveillance of their electronic communications. On one hand government surveillance is good for increased security and for helping prevent potential terrorist attacks. On the other hand, too much government surveillance will trample over our privacy and violate our basic civil rights. Where do you draw the line for a happy compromise? If 911 was brought about by the elites in the US government, then the push and demand for greater government surveillance are the sole purpose of that tragic event where thousands of Americans were sacrificed. 911 should have never happened. How can the world's most powerful country get invaded by a team of Middle-eastern terrorists? The whole event stink of government coverup, of US officials contriving and creating the perfect circumstances for national turmoil. Enough ranting. Here are some telling signs of domestic and home surveillance:

1) Does your laptop or desktop computer crash regularly or too often?

2) Do you feel someone is tracking you whenever you surf online?

3) Are your online activities disturbed suddenly with web page freezes or the computer screen turning black?

4) When shopping at a website, are your shopping experiences smooth without strange and unexplainable glitches?

5) Do you have any difficulty visiting all the websites that are listed at search engines?

6) Do the prices of certain products you buy regularly online rise continuously?

7) Do you feel the sneaky suspicion you are being monitored at home?

8) Do you notice sirens coming on too regularly, if you say certain negative words in your remarks?

9) Does anyone in your family give you the remotest impression to be tracking you at home?

10) Do your closest neighbors visiting you behave rather unnaturally as if concealing a dark secret?

11) Do you see a sudden jump of neighbors walking their dogs, jogging, or pushing baby carriages by your home?

12) Do your neighbors sometimes park their automobiles in front of your home without a valid reason?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be under surveillance by the FBI. Don't be surprised if you are; the FBI has grown quite bold since 911. I should know. The FBI won't let me alone.

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