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Common Areas Where Law Firm Clients Run Into Problems Over Winter

Snow on the ground might look magical but winter can be a testing time for many law firm clients. Winter is often the period when clients get into financial difficulties, and many law firms also see an uptick in divorce inquiries immediately after the new year. Read on for a  list of some areas where your clients might need help around this time of year. 

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1. Debt

The average American has around $38,000 in personal debt, not including their mortgage. Although it’s not unusual to be in debt, having a large amount of debt can put clients under a lot of strain. Furthermore, excessive late or missed repayments can have a negative impact on their credit rating.

Fortunately, there are ways to effectively reduce debts. By consolidating loans, negotiating better interest rates, or paying off high-interest debts more quickly, clients can reduce the total amount they owe. But if that doesn’t work, they may end up being hit with lawsuits from disgruntled creditors.

Expert a few phone calls from clients over the next two or three months, as debt problems have massively escalated since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Foreclosure

Keeping a roof over their head is a top priority for most people, no matter what their financial situation is. If their property is in danger of being foreclosed, there may be actions they can take, but by finding a reliable foreclosure attorney, they are better placed to find out what their rights are. Furthermore, a specialist foreclosure lawyer may be able to have existing foreclosures set aside, so it’s well worth advising clients to seek legal advice. By taking action swiftly, you can potentially save your client’s home, and help them plan for the future.

3. Divorce Petitions

The new year is a busy time for divorce attorneys. Lots of couples were struggling by the end of last year, with pandemic leading to job losses, financial difficulties, and mental health concerns. After limping on over Christmas and New Year, it’s very common for couples to throw in the towel and see the advice of a divorce attorney in the new year.

If this is your area of expertise, expect to be rushed off your feet for a few months.

4. Employment Law

Another area where we can see an uptick in caseload this winter is employment law. Many businesses are struggling with the pandemic and associated worries. Lockdown restrictions have led to a large number of businesses hitting the buffers, especially those in the travel, hospitality, and retail sectors. You may see an increasing number of clients seeking assistance in how to legitimately lay off their employees or fight wrongful dismissal claims. There may even be lawsuits in the pipelines from employees claiming their employer exposed them to unnecessary risk from Covid-19.

Whatever area of the law you specialize in, you can look forward to an increase in the number of phone calls over the winter months. Are you ready to handle more clients?