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What are my Rights if I Slipped and Fell at an Amusement Park?

Slip and fall accidents while at visiting an amusement park should not happen because it is supposed to be a safe and family-friendly entertainment area. Unfortunately, such premises turn out to be a nightmare for many people every year. Casualties usually sustain injuries such as bruising, lacerations, spinal cord injuries, heart attacks, head injuries and fractures among others. Moreover, common theme park problems include drowning, animal bite, ride malfunctions, parking lot accidents and roller coaster accidents among others.

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident at an amusement park, you may qualify to file a lawsuit if the incident happened because the ground owners or workers were negligent and did not provide a safe environment for the visitors. The operators must remove hazards on their properties, ensure they provide proper security and properly maintain the rides. The property owners can be held liable if they did not try to fix any dangerous conditions on the carnival grounds. It is crucial to be very aware that:

Carnival owners owe you duty of care

All carnivals usually post the safety rules of the different rides. Moreover, they always have ride operators who guide and monitor the visitors, to ensure everyone is following the safety protocols to avoid injuries. They ensure every visitor who wants to go on the rides has fulfilled the physical conditions necessary to do so, including height and age requirements.

Moreover, the carnival officials or owners have a duty to keep the premises safe for every visitor. This includes properly maintaining the stairs, walkways, handrails and other surfaces. Moreover, the officials should warn visitors of any dangers in the premises, clean up any spills or slipping dangers, ensure the handrails and stairs are safe for use and repair any worn out or damaged amenities that pose a danger to people. If the officials and workers fail to do these duties, you are entitled to sue them should you sustain injuries because of their negligence.

You have the right to file a lawsuit

Carnivals and other entertainment areas are fun and distracting. Therefore, if you slip or trip and sustain injuries while watching rides, eating food or being distracted, you can still sue the owners and stand a chance of getting compensation. However, this can only happen in some states in America, where there they apply modified comparative negligence. This means, the victim can get compensated if they are less than 50% responsible for the injuries they have sustained.

Save documents and keep a journal

You can prove your damages in court by using evidence like receipts, medical bills and bank records. These documents clearly show the financial damages you incurred from lost income or medical costs. However, you should also keep a journal detailing your experiences of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be tough to prove in court but your testimony of your personal experiences such as the pain, symptoms and emotional effects could help you prove it in court.

What you’re entitled to

If you sustain injuries in such incidents, you can file for compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering or any lost wages. Moreover, the amount of compensation depends on the severity of injuries, the amount of medical bills, the lost income and the level of pain and suffering. If you have sustained minor injuries, you should seek assistance from the hospital to prevent them from becoming worse.


If you or your loved one sustained an injury in a carnival ground, can an attorney help you file your lawsuit. The officials and workers owe you a duty of ensuring the premises are safe for you and your loved ones. So, if your injuries resulted from their negligence, save documents and contact an attorney to sue them.